My AC broke down in the middle of the  scorching hot summer.. I called 4 different companies desperately  until I found friendly A/C.. All the other companies wanted to charge me thousands of dollars and told me my AC is broken and that I needed a new one.  Keep in mind this was a new AC that we put in a year ago.. so how can it die so quick?? Friendly A/C showed up the very same day I called them as I explained to them I have two small children and the house is very hot and we cannot live like this anymore,,,  They made the time to come out that very same day and that I really appreciated,,, They showed up and unlike  the other companies, they were honest and told me I had a part I needed to switch out and the system needed service.  They ordered the part the same day and showed up to my house two days later with the new part…..  and  my AC was working again. Thank you so much Friendly AC for being quick and honest :))) These guys were honest, on time, reliable and saved me lots of $$$$$$. I highly recommend Friendly AC,,, the company name says it all 🙂